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Vivian Obiamalu, Esq. is the leading criminal defense firm in the area. We are a Legal Service Provider in Chino California that continues to be involved in cases including white collar fraud, felonies, misdemeanors, financial services investigations, health and safety investigations as well as corporate and internal investigations.

We have supportive, experienced and highly sophisticated professionals known for our skills to offer sensible, practical and strategic criminal defense and for our capability to keep possibly high profile cases out of the attention and scrutiny of the public. We combine a dynamic and creative approach with a firm commitment to excellence, efficiency, value and responsiveness. Our team of professionals are ready to represent people who are charged with:

  • White collar crimes- In general, white collar crimes are financial and non-violent in nature; However, every case is unique. We have experience with white collar crimes like Healthcare fraud, embezzlement, computer crimes, extortion, etc.
  • Felonies- We are experienced at handling felony crimes for example; robberies, child abuse, burglary, child pornography, rape, murder, drug offenses, etc.
  • Misdemeanors- These are lesser crimes punishable by criminal fines and/or county jail time of under one year. Prostitution, vandalism and petty theft are all examples of misdemeanor crimes.
  • Healthcare Law – We have tremendous experience and success in the representation of healthcare Providers, facing regulatory enforcement issues.
  • Juveniles- We can handle criminal charges that involve juveniles, as well as matters involving dependency court proceedings

We are dedicated to defending our clients passionately as we provide reputable criminal defense services, while obtaining favorable results.

For inquiries or to schedule a case review, please contact Vivian Obiamalu, Esq..

Raymond Obiamalu, Esq.

With more than 25 years experience, Raymond primarily focuses on Bankruptcy, Family, Personal Injury, Real Estate, & Health Care - overpayment defense for health providers.

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